S series TFA plug (without bend relief)

S series TFA plug (without bend relief)

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Picture Description: Shenzhen ZHJM Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D and production enterprise of round push-pull self-locking connector, round electrical connector and connector cable processing. It provides S-Series TFA plug(straight plug/elbow 90°plug), connector manufacturer and personalized aviation plug. TEL: 4006685179.

Product parameters

Applicable cores: 2-10 pins.

Surface treatment pearl chromium, black chromium, nickel; black oxidation.

Model: S series TFA straight plug (without bend relief).

Positioning device: High and low insulator positioning to prevent misinsertion.

Waterproof IP grade:IP50.

Salt spray corrosion test: > 48H.

Reliability: The use of high-quality parts ensures the service life of ZHJM connector.

Robustness: suitable for use in high vibration and strong impact environment.

Aesthetics: the high-tech design of ZHJM connector is very attractive, and the novel appearance can meet various customer requirements.

Anti electromagnetic interference: 360°shielding of metal shell of ZHJM connector provides all-round EMC protection.

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