B series TNG plug(with cable)

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Product description

B series TNG with unlocking pull rope plug, head seat has self-locking function, aviation plug with pull rope is easy to operate, vibration and impact resistant, contact and wire are welded, simple to operate, single key position and multiple key positions are optional, with blind insertion function, 2-9 contacts and multiple contacts are optional, applicable to different channel requirements.

Product parameters

Applicable contacts: 2-9 contacts.

Surface treatment: pearl chromium, nickel, oxidation resistance.

Model: B series TNG plug(with cable).

Positioning device: multi key anti misinsertion (G is standard positioning pin, used for connector alignment).

Waterproof IP grade: IP50.

Salt spray corrosion test: > 48H.

Reliability: the use of high-quality parts ensures the service life of ZHJM connector.

Robustness: suitable for use in high vibration and strong impact environment.

Aesthetics: the high-tech design of ZHJM connector is very attractive, and the novel appearance can meet various customer requirements.

Anti electromagnetic interference: 360°shielding of metal shell of ZHJM connector provides all-round EMC protection.

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